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We are a distributor of CCTV on a national scale. Serving wholesale and retail purchases, for agencies and individuals. We also serve wholesale purchases for resellers and projects for making office buildings, hotels, warehouses, factories and schools or universities. Both purchases with offline and online systems are guaranteed by official distributors.

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CCTV Distributors


Now there is a new innovation in CCTV devices, namely using an online system by utilizing an internet connection. So that CCTV monitoring can be accessed anytime and anywhere. So what are the benefits of this online CCTV ?


1. Can be Monitored from Home

2. Employees Work More Maximum

3. Prevent Unwanted Things

4. Safeguard Valuable Assets

5. Monitoring Children’s Activities


Are you interested in using this latest innovation CCTV ? If so, please order now through our customer service.



Remote Online CCTV Can Be Used on Smartphones

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